How to Choose the Right Song

How to Choose the Right Song Featured

When planning for a wedding or other special event, trying to choose songs for each special moment or formality can seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips to remember when selecting songs for all your important moments:

1. Choose Something Meaningful to the Relationship:

Whether or you are trying to pick a song for your First Dance, Father/Daughter dance, or other special moment, think back to key moments in those relationships that might help to inspire a song choice. Was there a special song you heard on the radio when you first met? Did you and your dad used to fish to a certain genre of music? Think beyond the traditional – you don’t have to choose something that isn’t “you” just because it is expected!

2. Consider the Tone of the Event:

If you are having a formal, black tie affair vs. a casual backyard BBQ reception, the overall tone of the event should help you in picking the right song. Perhaps something more formal or “classic” like a big band song, Etta James, or Frank Sinatra would be most appropriate for a black tie event while country music or alternative rock favorites could be a perfect fit for a more casual occasion.

3. Band vs. DJ:

If you have.a DJ hired for your event, the music choices are endless since they can pull from a variety of sources. If you have a band, you will need to consult the set list of songs that they have in their repertoire to play live. If you want the song for your special moments to be played live, you will be limited to what the band knows how to play or perhaps what song they are willing to learn for you.

Your band, DJ, or booking agent can always aid you with their recommendations or suggestions for perfect songs for any occasion! Lean on their expertise – they are there to help!

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