Be the Life of the Party: Add Live Instruments to Your DJ


Music is a very important part of any event and can make or break the evening. Adding live instruments does much more to the performance than just sound— the musicians will also add energy and excitement to the performance, which in turn will make it much more memorable for those in attendance! If you are stuck deciding between a live DJ or a band, then why not have both? You can get the entertaining factor of a live performance mixed with all your favorite dance songs by adding live instruments to your DJ performance. 

(DJ Wade seen above performing with NXT LVL.)


Live instruments are a great way to add an extra layer of entertainment and excitement to your event and are not just for concerts or performances. They can be used for all sorts of events, from weddings to corporate parties. Live musicians will interact with guests and your event DJ giving your party a unique and energetic feel, keeping people on the dance floor all night long! OtherBrother Entertainment ( has over 18+ years of helping make fantastic events a reality. Let us do the hard work so that you can relax, dance, and laugh the night away. 


OtherBrother Entertainment’s new DJ+ (DJ Plus) options are the answer to your event needs! OtherBrother Entertainment provides several live instrument options that clients can choose from. 

One musician to choose from is Clark Keagy, a 26-year-old Saxophonist of 13 years and a DJ that goes by “Clark on the Sax.” Clark has recently gained attention for his lively performances while he DJs and plays the saxophone at the same time.   With classically trained knowledge, Clark (Clark on the Sax) presents the ability to suit his performances to every audience. Having profound versatility, Clark has branched out in different genres like EMD, Top 40, Funk, Pop, and Jazz. He continues to demonstrate the aptitude to improvise intricate solos, and lyrical melodies during his live performances. While many of Clark’s weekly performances are local to Charleston venues and clubs, he often plays at weddings, corporate and private events.

One of OtherBrother’s most popular DJ/live instrument option is NXT LVL, which features DJ Wade, aka DJ United and Quentin Ravenel, a fantastic drummer who is available to perform with other DJs. It isn’t just that Quentin Ravenel can play drums like he has six arms. It’s that while he’s pulling off a dizzying series of fills, beats, and rhythms, he’s also singing. 

The group also features Andy Nesley , a trumpet player who hails from New York City!  Andy is a multi instrumentalist who brings incredible vibe and energy to NXT LVL’s set.  With Wade behind the turntables, Quentin on the kit, and Andy perfectly syncing horn lines of popular tracks, NXT LVL is one of the most unique groups entertaining today.

OtherBrother’s two owners Bryan Mahanes and Greg Walker have teamed up with Jason Moore (of Uncle Mingo fame) to form The Wild Life. This group features DJ with live drums and keys and sax. A DJ with live instruments can create such a unique experience for guests at any type of event.


OtherBrother Entertainment is an award-winning entertainment service provider that services the entire Southeast and works closely with brides, party hosts, and event planners to make the event they envision a success. With a diverse group of live bands and DJs as well as specialty acts and performers, OtherBrother Entertainment is the most qualified entertainment company dedicated to top-notch customer service and high-quality entertainment services. Want to learn more? Call us at (843) 225-5621 or visit our website