Costs to Consider When Booking a Band


When booking a band for your event, it is important to understand some additional costs that may or may not be a part of a band’s contract. OtherBrother Entertainment (  can always direct and guide you regarding these potential elements to consider. A band’s “RIDER” will offer information regarding what might need to be considered.

Bands may require staging and hospitality as a part of the contract, or may charge additional fees for equipment rental, travel expenses, etc. associated with performing for your event. Whether you are planning for a wedding, a corporate event or other private function, it is important to review your contract and know how to interpret any additional costs. 


A band RIDER provides those technical and hospitality requirements connected to fulfilling a band’s contract. It outlines what the band needs in order to perform at a certain venue or at a certain event. Some bands may request anything from specific food or drinks to special equipment for their performance. It is important that you read through the band’s “RIDER” in order to ensure that you are able to provide all of their required requests.

The following are some of the common requests found in a typical RIDER:

  • Staging/Performance Area
  • Meals/Hospitality Requirements
  • Sound and Lighting Production
  • Stage Cover/Tenting/Outdoor Events


It is important to ensure the venue has the right size stage/performance area for your band.  Although some venues may have a stage, more often than not, you may be required to rent a stage.  Specific stage requirements will be stated on the band’s rider in your contract.  In the Charleston, SC area, you can get estimates for a stage at these helpful websites:


Live entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any wedding reception. It is important to keep the band energized and happy so that their performance is top notch.  Often times, the band may arrive several hours prior to their performance for set up and sound check.  Because they often are not able to leave the event location, they require a HOT MEAL as a part of their contract.  This is because bands will need energy and stamina for a successful performance, and they won’t be able to get that from just drinking water or eating a few snacks.  You can inquire with your caterer or event planner about costs for a meal.  Sometimes, a “meal buyout” is also an option highlighted in your event contract.  For caterers in the Lowcountry, see these links below:


Equipment such as speakers, microphones, and a sound system are typically included in band prices for events.  However, some artists may be flying in for a show or require equipment for their performance, i.e., drum riser, DJ backline, etc.  In this case, the contract should stipulate what equipment is requested or required for the artists’ performance.  For quotes on sound or backline or other elements as a part of a band’s contract, consider these SC companies:


Outside performances may require adequate cover for your band. A tent is usually the most popular option because it provides cover for guests and performers in the case of inclement weather.  Local rental companies can offer estimates of costs for these types of rental items. Open-air performances can be magical, but some bands may require that they are covered in any case from any potential weather or direct sunlight.  Be sure you read any contract and rider to ensure you have what is requested by the artist.

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