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Voices of Deliverance

The Voices of Deliverance fulfill these needs with each performance. This very fine group comprised of talented singers and musicians have performed for many years and have dedicated their lives to lifting up the name of Jesus. The founding members were students at Benedict College in Columbia, SC where they sang on both the Concert and Gospel Choirs. Their varied abilities and experiences enable them to keep high standards. They were the featured artist in the Opening Ceremonies of The City of Charleston’s Piccolo Spoleto 1998, The Moja Arts Festivals 2000, 2001 and 2003, and honorees of the Moja Arts Festival Community Tribute Luncheon 2003. They were also featured in The City of Columbia Three Rivers Festival 2002. They have performed in the City of Charleston’s Happy New Year (previously named “First Night” for the past 5 years. They have been afforded the opportunity to travel across the state as well as the nation. The group toured both Switzerland and Italy as featured artist in the Area Rebus Music Festival for the past four years. This soulful group is under the skillful leadership of Mr. Howard N. Brown, Sr. who inspires the group with his crisp, arrangements of traditional hymns, spirituals and gospel songs. This versatile group has performed for numerous weddings, corporate events and historical venues as Charleston’s Premiere a cappella Singers” welcoming tourists to our fine city and giving them a little “Taste of Charleston”. They are pictured in the 2009 summer edition of Charleston Weddings Magazine. The Voices of Deliverance was the Second Place Winner of the Black Expo Gospel Festival held in Charleston in March of 2010. August 2010, the group was the opening act for the renowned singer, Marvin Sapp. Most recently, March 2012 members of the group toured and performed in Ghana, Africa.
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