What’s Trending Wedding Entertainment for 2024


Planning a wedding is not easy but one of the most exciting parts is selecting your entertainment. In recent years, DJs have been the preferred option for wedding entertainment; however, it seems that live bands are making a comeback in 2024. With more couples looking to make their weddings unique and memorable, let’s explore why bands are becoming popular again and how they are being integrated with DJ sets. 


Live music has always been an important part of wedding ceremonies and receptions, but we’re seeing a resurgence in popularity as couples look to add some excitement to their special day. Live music can elevate any event—especially weddings—adding energy and emotion that cannot be replicated by recorded music. Plus, there’s no denying the romantic feeling of listening to live music on your special day.

Midnight City is Charleston’s most requested wedding band as they bring energy and passion to each event. They play a wide variety of music styles with a mix of old school classics as well as newer hits that are sure to please any audience. Another popular live band is the Black Diamond Band. The band has brought together their manu influences and inspirations ranging from pop, soul, funk, jazz, and blues to create a unique and exciting experience. 


Live music can create an incredibly dynamic atmosphere at any event—especially weddings. One of the biggest advantages of adding live instruments to a DJ set is that it takes the energy up several notches. It gives guests something extra to dance and sing along to, which makes them feel like they’re part of something bigger than just your average dance party. Additionally, combining live music with pre-recorded tracks allows you to create a custom soundscape that feels both modern and timeless all at once. 

And if you don’t want to commit to hiring an entire band or orchestra, adding live instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, violins, or even a guitar can help bring your music selection up a notch without breaking your budget. Plus, having someone playing alongside the DJ adds an element of surprise and excitement that guests won’t soon forget! 

Clark Keagy, a dynamic young musician with 13 years of Saxophone experience who goes by “Clark on the Sax”. He has a flair for showmanship and is shaking up the music industry. A classically trained artist, his unparalleled ability to entertain any audience through both DJing and live sax performance has made him an instant hit. NXT LVL features turntable master DJ Wade (DJ United) alongside seasoned drummer Quentin Ravenel, this duo is an unbeatable force that crowd-pleasers everywhere love! When he’s not creating astounding rhythms and beats on his drums; Mr. Ravenel adds a unique layer of entertainment by performing captivating vocals while playing–talk about making two birds sing with one stone!


One musician to choose from is Clark Keagy, a 26-year-old Saxophonist of 13 years and a DJ that goes by “Clark on the Sax.” Clark has recently gained attention for his lively performances while he DJs and plays the saxophone at the same time.   With classically trained knowledge, Clark (Clark on the Sax) presents the ability to suit his performances to every audience. Having profound versatility, Clark has branched out in different genres like EMD, Top 40, Funk, Pop, and Jazz. He continues to demonstrate the aptitude to improvise intricate solos, and lyrical melodies during his live performances. While many of Clark’s weekly performances are local to Charleston venues and clubs, he often plays at weddings, corporate and private events.

One of OtherBrother’s most popular DJ/live instrument option is NXT LVL, which features DJ Wade, aka DJ United and Quentin Ravenel, a fantastic drummer who is available to perform with other DJs. It isn’t just that Quentin Ravenel can play drums like he has six arms. It’s that while he’s pulling off a dizzying series of fills, beats, and rhythms, he’s also singing. 

The group also features Andy Nesley , a trumpet player who hails from New York City!  Andy is a multi instrumentalist who brings incredible vibe and energy to NXT LVL’s set.  With Wade behind the turntables, Quentin on the kit, and Andy perfectly syncing horn lines of popular tracks, NXT LVL is one of the most unique groups entertaining today.

OtherBrother’s two owners Bryan Mahanes and Greg Walker have teamed up with Jason Moore (of Uncle Mingo fame) to form The Wild Life. This group features DJ with live drums and keys and sax. A DJ with live instruments can create such a unique experience for guests at any type of event.


When it comes to planning your setlist for your big day, think quality over quantity—you don’t need hours upon hours of music when you have live instruments in tow! Instead of playing one long set that covers every genre imaginable (which can quickly become tiresome), focus on creating shorter sets with different themes or moods throughout the evening. Start off with some classic favorites before transitioning into some upbeat pop songs; add some jazz during cocktail hour; switch back into more modern hip hop tunes; and end with some soulful R&B jams as your final sendoff! Doing this will keep things fresh and entertaining while ensuring that every moment is special and unique in its own way.  

Live music is sure to make your special day even more magical and memorable by providing an emotional experience that DJs alone cannot provide. Whether you choose a band or decide to integrate live instruments into your existing DJ set, you can rest assured that everyone will be tapping their feet (or dancing!) throughout the evening! With the growing trend of integrating bands with DJ sets in 2024, you can create something truly unique for your guests that will leave them talking about your wedding for years to come.

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