Wedding Spotlight: Embracing Cultural Significance

Photographer: Enmuse Photography
Photographer: Enmuse Photography

Charleston has become a top wedding destination for couples from near and far, and for good reason! In addition to having a beautiful landscape and an abundance of world-renowned wedding vendors, the venues here offer unique customization opportunities to meet all guest counts and cultural traditions.

We see quite a few Indian weddings here in Charleston! We love the rich, vibrant colors and centuries-old traditions that are embraced within this culture – not to mention the many parties, gatherings, and ceremonies that take place before the actual union! Any excuse for a multi-day social experience we are 100% in!

One of our top DJs, Bryan Mahanes, also plays the sitar (fun fact! a long-necked Indian lute with wire frets, played with a metal pick) and has become a staple at Indian weddings in the Charleston area. If there is an Indian wedding near Charleston, you can bet Bryan will probably be there.

Lalitha and Rohit, thank you for sharing your incredible wedding week with us! Congratulations from Team OBE!

Photographer: Enmuse Photography

Venue: Wild Dunes Resort

The amazing culture and rich colors present at the Hindi weddings that I perform for are the reason that they some of my most memorable events. I experience so much joy and celebration with my couples and their families. I feel immersed in a world so full of life that deeply rooted in family, tradition, love and devotion. I am so grateful that I can provide my sitar music and special knowledge of Bollywood, Bhangra, Classical Indian music, etc. to my my DJ sets.