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Kevin Hackler

Kevin Hackler’s deceivingly simple yet emotive style on the trumpet has been an ongoing process since he began playing at the age of 10. It was not until then that Kevin began to take a serious interest in playing music. Offered his first gig playing for the Andrew Thielen Big Band and the House of Blues Big Band while still in high school. Kevin Hackler is a trumpeter and bandleader who has been performing for over twenty years. His music career began while still in high school, when he began performing with jazz big bands in the Myrtle Beach area, including a residency at the House of Blues. Kevin moved to Charleston, SC in the fall of 1999 to study music on a scholarship to the College of Charleston. Studying under such great influences as trumpeters Lyle van Wie and Charlton Singleton, and pianist Tommy Gill, Kevin graduated with B.A. in 2003. He is also a graduate of the Charleston School of Law, earning his J.D. in 2012 and being admitted to practice the same year. Hackler is a charter member and featured soloist with the renowned Charleston Jazz Orchestra, having performed with the group since its inception in 2008. As a member of the CJO Kevin has been fortunate to share the stage with jazz legends such as Grammy award winner Diane Schuur, Carmen Bradford, Freddie Cole, T.S. Monk, and Delfeayo Marsalis, among many others. Performing with such top-notch entertainers in very diverse musical styles has prepared Hackler to present a wide array of music in various formats. From traditional jazz, to small ensembles, to custom arrangements, Kevin Hackler will work with you to ensure you get the exact musical experience you want.
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Trumpet, Piano, Stand Up Bass, Drums

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Additional Line-Up Options

– Artist performs as duo, trio, quartet and beyond – Artist can customize instrumentation – Piano, Stand-up Bass, Guitar, added horns, etc.

Additional Services

– Dinner Set – Second Line

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