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Molly Durnin

Introducing Molly Durnin, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Charleston, SC, whose soulful voice and captivating performances have garnered acclaim far and wide. With roots deeply embedded in the vibrant music scene of Charleston, Molly’s passion for music shines through in every note she sings. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings and life experiences, Molly’s songwriting resonates with authenticity and emotion, connecting deeply with her listeners. Whether she’s performing intimate acoustic sets or commanding the stage with her full band, Molly’s performances are always heartfelt and memorable. With a diverse repertoire spanning genres from folk and rock to blues and beyond, Molly’s music appeals to a wide audience, captivating listeners with her powerful vocals and poignant lyrics. Her dynamic stage presence and genuine rapport with her audience create an unforgettable live experience. As a fixture in the Charleston music community, Molly Durnin is a name to watch, poised to make a lasting impact with her soul-stirring music. Whether she’s performing on local stages or sharing her music with audiences around the world, Molly’s talent and passion shine brightly, making her a true gem in the music industry.
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Music Genres

90s Throwbacks, Country, Folk, Modern, Pop, Variety


Guitar, Female Vocals

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"Molly Durnin's guitar- As fierce as she is"
Michael Eck
Breedlove Guitar Feature

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