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DJ Wiggz

Internationally known to rock shows all over the world from Paris to Madrid and Switzerland to Medellin, Colombia, Jason is the essence of what defines the heart of a DJ. Signed with Miami based Rockwell Talent Agency, rotating schedules dominate his daily life as he consistently plays his multi-city residencies in major cities from Miami to NYC. His wide array of musical talent is by far what makes Jason Wiggz so different than all the rest. Crossing every genre, there is no limit to how far he will go to blend and mix to the vibe of his crowds, which daily seek a higher level of entertainment. While Electronic Dance Music is at the forefront of his energetic music style, Jason has perfected his Djing artistry by spinning all genres of music like House, Trap, Dubstep, Twerk, Hip-Hop, and Drum & Bass As a result of his ability to go without bounds and limits, Jason has shared the stage with EDM artists such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Diplo, Hardwell, Chainsmokers, Showtek, R3HAB, Kaskade, Timmy Trumpet, Knife Party, Afrojack, Borgeous, TJR, Cedric Gervais, Carnage, Sultan and Ned Shepard, Morgan Page, Nghtmre, San Holo, Henry Fong, Wynter Gordon, Alvaro, Luminox, Dotcom, Crywolf and open format artists Green Lantern, DJ Scene, Four Color Zack, Ross One, DJ Five, Jayceeoh, Roonie G, and even performing alongside live acts such as, Nelly, B.O.B., Lil Bow Wow, Ricky Rocks, Chanel West Coast, Big Black and many more If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jason Wiggz play live, then you can attest to the creative, quick-thinking manner he uses to make powerful, high energy driven, forward-thinking sets. For the past 2 decades, Jason has been fueled by an intense passion of the love of music and his education in audio production and has mastered the ability to blend different elements in multiple sub-genres within each other to create new and intricate sounds, unmatched by anyone else. When seen live, expect an exciting, enticing, musical journey, filled with the technical accolades to impress all who come to see him perform. It will without a doubt be an experience they will not soon forget.
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Music Genres

80s, 90s Throwbacks, Big Band, Country, Disco, EDM, Funk, House, Jazz, Motown, NuDisco, Oldies, R ‘n B, Reggae, Swing, Top 40


DJ performs with digital turntables and mixer, professional QSC audio, high quality SHURE wireless microphone

Song List

DJs have the capability of playing any and all music available on the digital landscape. Our DJs are “open format” DJs that cater playlists to your style and can truly curate music that you and your guests will love! For more info, see your agent or set up a call with a DJ you are interested in.

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"DJ Wiggz is a high powered DJ that has performed all over the world. Focusing now on private events and weddings, he is a sure fire hit for any event!"
Bryan Mahanes
Owner/OtherBrother Entertainment

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– Ceremony audio – Additional set for cocktail hour

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DJs have the capability of playing any and all music available on the digital landscape. Our DJs are “open format” DJs that cater playlists to your style and can truly curate music that you and your guests will love! For more info, see your agent or set up a call with a DJ you are interested in.
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