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Dj Edē developed a passion for DJing after being heavily influenced in a dark, crowded “underground” flight hangar at Woodstock 99′ by electronica legend Fatboy Slim. Playing in venues throughout New York, Nebraska, Georgia, and South Carolina, covering North, Midwest, and Southern regions has helped to create the versatility in his music selection.

Dj Edē is known for providing high energy genre-blending sets, with the goal to take audiences through several voyages throughout the party by executing many areas of creativity in his sets. It is the creativity and the execution of creativity that builds and sparks the personal energy and flow for Dj Edē, which then becomes contagious to the crowd. You can expect to see this creativity in his performances, which include live blends, mashups, remixes, as well as song wordplay during the evening which will give your audience more of a performance feel that is guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor so that you don’t miss one second!

With almost 2 decades of experience in nightclubs, weddings, and private events, this DJ is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and provide nothing but the most epic evening!

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Music Genres

80s, 90s Throwbacks, Big Band, Country, Disco, EDM, Funk, House, Jazz, Motown, NuDisco, Oldies, R ‘n B, Reggae, Swing, Top 40


DJ performs with digital turntables and mixer, professional QSC audio, high quality SHURE wireless microphone

Song List

DJs have the capability of playing any and all music available on the digital landscape. Our DJs are “open format” DJs that cater playlists to your style and can truly curate music that you and your guests will love! For more info, see your agent or set up a call with a DJ you are interested in.

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“DJ Eddie had everyone dancing. He was so much fun to be around! The music was absolutely perfect! My husband and I went back and forth about live band vs DJ. The advice I would give to any couple is that if you want a diverse range of music, go for the DJ. He was able to set the mood for my entrance, cocktail hour and really fun reception. He was so cool about my guest and husband singing karaoke to some music. He was so sweet. I think he made our wedding more
“DJ Eddie was not only very good, he was very open and receptive to feedback and ideas from us as the bridge and groom. Also did a great job adapting to the few song requests we had last minute. Overall - great experience with a great positive attitude!”
“We were BEYOND happy with DJ Elementz AKA DJ Eddie Moran. Working with Eddie was like working with one of our good friends. He was super professional, easy-going, knowledgeable and overall just a cool guy. Eddie dealt with all my crazy wedding playlists and even stepped in last minute to help us with the ceremony music. I really appreciated Eddie stepping in and exceeding our expectations on that dance floor. Our entire wedding was out there, as if, we were at a night club. It was everything I described I wanted and Eddie made all of that happen and more. Thank you for making our night so rememberable DJ Eddie!!!!”
“I spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect DJ, especially since we were having a destination wedding in Hilton Head which made it even more challenging. After what seemed like endless hours of research I stumbled upon Other Brother Entertainment. I initially had a phone call with Bryan, who was unavailable for our day, but recommended us using DJ Eddie. We looked up more reviews on Eddie and also saw his video on their website before deciding to use him for our big day. Needless to say we couldn't have been happier that we chose Eddie for our DJ. Every single one of our guests said he was hands down the best DJ they've ever seen at a wedding reception. Half of my groomsmen were trying to get off the dance floor to cool off, but Eddie kept playing song after song to keep the dance floor energy up all night and keeping everyone wanting to stay on the dance floor. He also did a phenomenal job of mixing and blending music better than any of the recent wedding DJ's we've ever heard before. He was able to blend and mix music from all aspects and genres. Starting from Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Blink-182, Nicki Minaj, etc. You name it and DJ Eddie can blend it and make it smooth that everyone will enjoy themselves. He even made sure to specifically ask me for a song to keep the older generation on the dance floor so we kept it fun for everyone.”
Ryan Stuby
“We used DJ Ede from OtherBrothers Entertainment, he was AMAZING. We sent him a short playlist with some of our favorite songs and he curated a night of awesome music from that. We danced the night away along with some other special touches he added in we had the most fun party!”
Anna R.

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Additional Services

– Ceremony Audio
– Separate Cocktail Hour Set Up
– Uplighting

Full Song List

DJs have the capability of playing any and all music available on the digital landscape. Our DJs are “open format” DJs that cater playlists to your style and can truly curate music that you and your guests will love! For more info, see your agent or set up a call with a DJ you are interested in.
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