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Bryan the DJ

Bryan Mahanes is Bryan the DJ. Performing and entertaining for over 1,000 weddings all over the Southeast, Bryan is the MOST EXPERIENCED DJ performing for high end, boutique weddings in the area. His DJ skill and technique are tried-and-true, and he consistently receives 5-star reviews from his clients. Making people dance and enjoy themselves at his events are second nature to him as an artist. His passion for mixing and DJ’ing live is unparalleled as well as his energetic, infectious personality and excitement for his craft.
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Music Genres

80s, 90s Throwbacks, Big Band, Country, Disco, EDM, Funk, House, Jazz, Motown, NuDisco, Oldies, R ‘n B, Reggae, Swing, Top 40


DJ performs with digital turntables and mixer, professional QSC audio, high quality SHURE wireless microphone

Song List

DJs have the capability of playing any and all music available on the digital landscape. Our DJs are “open format” DJs that cater playlists to your style and can truly curate music that you and your guests will love! For more info, see your agent or set up a call with a DJ you are interested in.

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“Bryan the DJ was absolutely incredible!!! We don’t even know where to begin...Bryan worked with us leading up to the wedding to understand what type of music we both liked, to get a sense of what our expectations were and to truly make sure that our wedding reception was not only fun, but personalized for us. And he FAR exceeded expectations! The dance floor was packed the WHOLE night long...Bryan didn’t just play from a set playlist....instead, he used his amazing talent to read the energy in the room and play the right songs to keep the party going! Everyone is still talking about how much fun they had and how great our DJ was. Bryan truly set the tone for a fun, dance-filled night and our reception couldn’t have been more perfect! Also, the entire team at Other Brother Entertainment was incredible to work with. From the moment we first started talking to OBE, through the entire planning process, they were so helpful and quick to respond to any/all of our questions. We can’t recommend them enough!”
“Bryan was our DJ for our destination wedding. He was FANTASTIC! He kept us on the dance floor all night. Our guests, from kids to adults had so much fun with him. There is no question, he is top notch!!”

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Additional Line-Up Options

– Add Saxophone – Add Drums – Add violin

Additional Services

– Acoustic guitar for ceremony – Acoustic guitar for cocktail hour – Add Ceremony Audio Service

Full Song List

DJs have the capability of playing any and all music available on the digital landscape. Our DJs are “open format” DJs that cater playlists to your style and can truly curate music that you and your guests will love! For more info, see your agent or set up a call with a DJ you are interested in.
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