Plantation Singers


The Plantation Singers are one of the southeast’s most popular a capella and percussion gospel singing groups.


With their energetic performances The Plantation Singers play an important role in the preservation of the Gullah spirituals

and the sacred music of the South CarolinaLowcountry.


The group has been awarded the prestigious Three Sisters Award given by the Committee To Save The City. This award was given in recognition of the Plantation Singers’ contribution to the special character of Charleston. Local artist Rhett Thurman has also featured the group in an art series, which can be found on display in the Wells Gallery in downtown Charleston.

They have performed at the Leona Helmsly Hotel in New York City and at the Greenbriar Inn in West Virginia. They have performed before General Wm. Westmoreland, the Prince of Scotland, Joel Silver (Hollywood producer), the Mayor of Charleston Joseph Riley, the Cato family of Cato Fashion stores and many, many, more. The Plantation Singers are well known for their ability to reach out and draw a crowd into their performance. Theshoe tapping, hand clapping, and sing along atmosphere

causes the audience to smile big, hug their neighbors and ask for more.



Styles/Genres: Gospel, A Capella
Available for: Weddings, Ceremonies, Private Events, Corporate Events
Pricing: $650-$1,500



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