Moonlight Ale

Moonlight Ale was born from the magic that happens when friends stay up late howling at the moon.

The first Ale gathering occurred in Chapel Hill, NC around the year 2000. The founding members all had a passion for music, good beer, and a strange draw to the atmosphere created by a dark room with Christmas lights on fade setting. On many a college night, founding member and songwriter Jimmy McElligott would gather with his friends to play tunes influenced by a wide range of sources. Appalachian and Irish folk were at the core, and early on the Dead and Dylan were heavily present as well. Above all else there was the Pogues, as their fusion of punk, Irish folk and genius songwriting felt akin to the soul of the Ale.“Once an Aler, Always an Aler”has been the mantra over the years, and there is now a fine band of angels that gathers when they can to join the active band. The band has changed personnel and locations, but never faltered in a simple mission: have a good time and play good music!



Styles/Genres: Irish, Celtic
Available for: Themed Events, Corporate Events, Private Events
Pricing: $1,000-$3,000




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