Henri Gates

Henri Gates spent five years growing up in Qingdao, China. He got his first guitar at the age of 10 while living there, and music quickly became his life.

He would spend hours listening and playing along to his father’s Johnny Cash and Eagles albums. Where at first his parents had to make him practice, now they had to make him stop just so he would put the guitar down long enough to eat dinner.
After moving back to the United States and graduating high school, he moved to the Lowcountry to attend the College of Charleston, where he studied business and music. He quickly began playing music around the Holy City and was soon supporting himself as a full-time musician while finishing college. He formed the band Southwood with some friends and began touring the Southeast. Henri currently plays all over the state and is working on his first solo album.

Styles/Genres: Bluegrass, Country, Top 40, Variety
Available for: Weddings, Ceremony Musicians, Cocktail Artists, Rehearsal Dinner, Parties, Corporate Events
Pricing: $1,500 or Less