A DJ can make or break any event.  Whether your having a wedding, a private party, or corporate event, the music is an essential part of making your guests feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, especially if you want them to dance the night away.  OtherBrother’s DJs hail from a new tradition in DJ entertainment that incorporates all the newest technology, experience in with club djing and radio broadcasting.  We select and provide only the best DJs to be a part of our team and they always put your event and musical tastes first.  Believe us when we say, we leave the cheese in the fridge.

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OtherBrother Entertainment takes pride in providing our clients with only the best DJs Charleston SC. We are happy to operate with transparency and honesty, which is why we present to you all the information you may need before you decide to hire us for your upcoming event. Here are some of the questions we often receive from potential customers:

What types of events do you specialize in?

All our DJs are professional wedding specialists. Therefore, they cater to all kinds of wedding celebrations and procedures, such as rehearsal dinners. Here at OtherBrother Entertainment, we are passionate about weddings. In fact, about 95% of our clients hire our DJs for a wedding event.

Our DJs also perform at corporate functions where the same attention to detail and an elegant approach as with weddings are required. Unfortunately, we do not book children’s parties or school events.

For your DJ entertainment, how would you define your approach or style?

Our wedding DJs Charleston SC provide a presentation that is well-polished yet simple. Our performances are clear through artistic mixes. We make sure that we remain professional and without a cheesy approach with microphone work and announcements.

Unlike other DJs, we do not put on a show to be the center of attention. Instead, we make sure that your wedding is all about you. It is your show, and we want the spotlight on you at all times. The dance floor will remain packed because the DJ you hired has chosen the right sequence of songs from the request list that you have provided us – and not because he cannot stop chattering on the microphone.

Will the wedding music be all traditional or is it possible to use something else?

Yes, of course! While we have DJs who specialize in traditional, oldies, and throwback music, most of our DJs are versatile. They can provide you with remix music, hip-hop, EDM, and disco tracks.

In short, we are not attached to old-style music because our DJs can readily update their playlist for you. You can provide your requested list of music and we can incorporate and mix them in a way that will produce the wedding or event you have always envisioned.

Will the DJs use party props?

No. We are aware that the term “wedding DJ” became something synonymous with cheesiness, but we are far from that image. Our wedding DJs Charleston SC will not wear any type of costume or even distribute prop to the wedding guests. We also do not hassle people into getting on their feet and joining others on the dance floor. We also do not teach the guests how to line dance.

What you can count on though is our ability to motivate the guests to participate by enjoying the music we provide for your event.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, we do. Here at OtherBrother Entertainment, we do not just offer DJs Charleston SC, but we also have other entertainment services, such as corporate events, ceremony musicians, acoustic artists, and tribute artists. We also have photobooths for our clients, as well as production services and specialty and novelty acts.

How do I secure a DJ for an event?

We require our clients to provide a 50% deposit, which will guarantee that the DJ can perform on your wedding celebration. Some events are booked several weeks or months in advance – sometimes, a year – so the deposit will let us know you have confirmed your event date and your DJ as well.

Will you be involved in planning for our music?

We are more than willing to give you a multitude of suggestions for your wedding music. You can provide us with a list of your preferences, and we would be perfectly comfortable in playing most or all of the tracks you wish to hear.

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