The O’Kaysions

The O’Kaysions are a marquee band available for your entertainment… banquets, corporate parties, clubs, wedding receptions, or any special occasion when the music needs to be just right.

The O’Kaysions recorded its biggest hit, “Girl Watcher,” on a small North Carolina label. The record became a regional hit and was picked up by ABC Records becoming a national hit in the Top 10 for nine weeks and the Top 100 for 26 weeks. It was adapted on the TV shows “Wheel Of Fortune”, “Moonlighting”, featured in major movie “Auto Focus” and a soon-to-be announced blockbuster, “The Green Lantern” series.

Original member, writer and manager of The O’Kaysions, Wayne Pittman continues the success of the band by performing audience favorites from the 60s through the 10s. Variety and versatility is the emphasis of this group. The three vocalists and the band’s talented instrumentalists dazzle audiences throughout the Southeast by performing beach music, Top 40, Motown, and even country tunes.

Need a fun act sure to please everyone in your crowd? Pick The girl-watchin’ O’Kaysions.






Styles/Genres: Beach, Country, Motown, Top 40
Available for:  Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events
Pricing: $3,000 -$5,500