Soulfood Jazz Band

In times of mass produced Hip Hop and Pop music, it’s refreshing to see a young man dare to step outside the box and construct his own sound. This is what the world witnesses with the saxophone virtuoso Dwayne Joseph Leonard Johnson Jr.(“DJ”).


He has created his own genre of music, that he has entitled “Soulfood Jazz”. It’s a blend of Gospel, Smooth Jazz, and Old School R & B with Classical undertones. The songwriter, composer, and graduate from the University Of South Carolina School Of Music says, “It’s all about love; I have to let the people feel my music”. And feel his music is what you do! Soulfood Jazz Band truly delivers food for the soul.






Styles/Genres: Jazz, R&B, Top 40, Variety
Available for:  Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events
Pricing: Contact Agent for Pricing