Gump Fiction


How did Gump Fiction start? It all started one rainy evening in October 2012, when bassist Ken Shufelt and singer Nick Loder met via an ad online to discuss forming a cover band that plays strictly 90’s music.


Upon feeling relieved that the meetup didn’t involve either a serial killer or Chris Hansen, Loder and Shufelt agreed that given the abundance of 80’s cover bands, it was time for the Gen X and Gen Y kids to get represented. A few months later, the band took shape with guitarist Dan Bonfili, percussionist Sean Hartis, and singer Natalie Morris.


After countless texts, emails, spreadsheets, that’s-what-she-said’s, and heated discussions, the name Gump Fiction was chosen, along with a clear statement of the band’s direction: recreate the nostalgia of the days of tamagotchi pets, TRL, slap bracelets, cloned sheep, flannel, and the soup nazi through kickass-spot-on 90’s covers.


Styles/Genres: Variety, Motown, Oldies, Classic Rock, Top 40, 80’s, 90’s, Hip Hop
Available for: Rehearsal Dinners, Weddings, Private Event, Corporate Events
Pricing: $3500 – $4500


“Gump Fiction is the WHOLE Package! They are a 90’s band that brings their own “Mid-Set” DJ, and 90’s Trivia Questions to make it a 1990’s TOTAL experience. If you are a child of the 90’s – You’re going to LOVE GUMP FICTION – It’s more than just excellent music – it’s an experience like nothing we’ve seen at the lake before!

— LKN Nightlife

“Gump Fiction delivered a legendary performance for thousands in Atlanta at the Lenox Square Legendary 4th of July event! The crowd sang along, danced and celebrated as the band played their favorite 90’s hits. Not only are they talented, but each member of Gump Fiction is a consummate professional! I look forward to working with them again!”

— Angela Jo Coley, C.Squared Creative Management, Atlanta, GA

“If you’re looking for a true 90’s band then Gump Fiction is a must! The band sounds fantastic and they are very easy to work with.”

— Daniel Morris, CMP, Meetings & Events USA